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Spring Sale 30% Off - Worldwide provision of our dynamic fitness status analysis & patented DNA test

What Do I Get?

The worlds only patented DNA Fitness test

Dynamic health-status analysis - with free 3-monthly updates

Practical advice from world leading exercise scientists

Advice that adapts with your progress and the latest science

Order Process

1. Enter Payment Details

Simply click on Buy Now and pay via PayPal or simply enter your credit or debit card details when prompted

2. Complete Questionnaire

After payment, complete the online questionnaire through the link provided

3. Receive DNA-kit

You will receive a DNA-kit by post; follow the instructions and return the swab to us (free post)

4. Order Complete!

Your order is complete and you will receive a confirmation email from us with your personal report

Questions & Answers

Why should I take the test?

It is our belief that it is essential to use your life-style profile and genetic make-up to tailor your exercise goals rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe this because sticking to an exercise regime is hard enough without a clear plan. A plan targeted to those fitness factors you need to improve the most is critical to see results. XRPredict+ combines DNA analysis with our expert advice to provide you with just that. Your personalised health-status report will define what you need to focus on, and what you might achieve from exercise training  

How long until I can expect my results?

We aim to return results within 3-4 weeks after your sample arrives in our lab. When the test results become available, and assuming you have completed the life-style analysis, we will email you an electronic report with your result along with your tailored health and fitness report. See our Terms & Conditions for further details on delivery of our services

What is in the report?

The XRPredict+ report provides a detailed review your life-style and physical status, with a clear focus on those factors that need the most attention. With 10min effort from you, our report system will provide you with an updated analysis every 3 months. We also use your DNA test results and the information you gave in the questionnaire to provide you with recommendations on how maximise your fitness response to exercise training. The report includes:


- The worlds most accurate fitness DNA test

- Advanced computer driven analysis with a free 3-monthly update

- Body profile analysis

- Physical behaviour analysis

- General fitness-health summary

- Interpretation of your profile 

- Specific goal recommendations

- Our fitness and nutrition top-tips

- The science behind the XRPredict+ test

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About XRGenomics

XRGenomics LTD is a personalised medicine company led by leading research scientists from Europe and USA. Our advice is reviewed by the world’s leading experts on exercise and metabolism and our research program is featured by the world's leading genomics technology company, Affymetrix Inc.

Customer Testimonials

I’ve been meeting scientists who are changing our view of exercise. They discovered we all respond to exercise in very different ways.

Dr. Michael Mosley, Doctor and Science Journalist, BBC

XRPredict is a credible advance in our understanding of genetic predictors of adaptability to exercise.

Prof. Stu Phillips, Exercise & Nutrition Expert, McMaster University

Adapting your work-out to suit your genes can give better results. To discover yours, take the XRPredict gene test

Helen Foster, Health Writer, Fashion