XRGenomics LTD was established in 2012 to develop the discoveries of extensive research activities in applied genomics initiated at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm

XRGenomics holds the world’s only patented diagnostic for guiding exercise and life-style advice and partners with Cellmark, the world's first commercial DNA testing laboratory, to provide world-wide delivery of our novel DNA guided computer-directed analysis of your personalised fitness goals.

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XRGenomics has developed significant intellectual property in the field of personalized medicine including diagnostic technologies for geriatric medicine and clinical prognosis in partnership with Medical Prognosis Institute A/S.

We contribute to a number of international research projects studying heart failure, cancer-cachexia, obesity and human frailty, leveraging large-scale genomic data-sets for clinical prognosis activities. Our research offices are based in Central London (www.xrgenomics.co.uk)

Our work is highlighted by the world's leading supplier of genomic technology - Affymetrix Inc. 


Management Team

Dr Jamie Timmons PhD – CSO

Jamie founded XRGenomics in 2012. Trained in biomedical science, systems biology and genomics he has spent the last decade leading international personalized medicine projects.

Dr Iain Gallagher PhD – Head of Bioinformatics

Iain obtained a Wellcome Trust funded PhD at the University of Edinburgh in molecular immunology before specializing during his post-doctoral studies in bioinformatics. 

Dr Niels Vollaard (UK) - Head of Physiology

Niels is an academic at the University of Bath and is responsible for developing the REHIT model of ultra time efficient exercise training. He has over a decade of experience training and teaching exercise science and nutrition with a particular interest in anti-oxidant biology. 


VAT number is 139 6153 01

European Union Research PIC number is 949388471