Prognostic and diagnostic technology

Genomics is changing they way we implement medical treatment and offer medical advice. RNA profiling is the most reliable and sensitive technology to capture gene-environment interactions in humans - yielding insight into individual responses to drug-treatment and disease. We specialise in implementing advanced clinical informatics to develop diagnostics for chronic disease including:

  • A patented strategy for utilising RNA classification models to help discover genomic diagnostics (GB-2474618)

  • A diagnostic for biological age that has proven utility in Dementia Research (patent pending)

  • Diagnostics for pre-clinical cardio-metabolic disease and treatment response predictors



Dr Jamie Timmons PhD -

Dr Iain J Gallagher Phd -

Dr Niels Vollaard PhD -

Mr Krzysztof Szkop MSc -

Miss Sanjana Sood MSc -

Dr Robbie Brogan MBChB -


Recent publications including XRGenomics Scientists

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