What is XRPredict+?

Xr -report

XRPredict+ is a unique service that combines our expert knowledge with your DNA profile and fitness goals, to provide you with a personal life-style strategy. 

Based on your fitness profile, and your DNA results, we produce a personalised 17-page report that explains in detail what your results mean in practical terms, and how you can adjust your lifestyle and fitness aims in line with this new-found knowledge.

Why take the test?

We all have different bodies and different fitness goals, and we all respond to exercise very differently. So it only makes sense to have advice that is tailored to you!

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle regime can be hard enough even when you notice the improvements! If you set the wrong fitness goals for your DNA profile, it becomes hard to feel any benefit from all your efforts.

For example, one in five of the population are ‘low responders’ to aerobic fitness gains. If you are a low responder, there is no point setting a goal that centres around improving your aerobic fitness as, if you fail to see the results you desire, this would be incredibly demotivating.

If you are a high responder, but you are not seeing results from your exercise plan then the XRPredict+ report tells you that it is your training regime that is wrong and provides advice on how to improve it!

With the XRPredict+ report we will provide you with a more obtainable pathway to improvement, whether you wish to feel better, alter your body-shape or combat particular health risk factors.

How it works

You place your order and we send you a small ‘kit’ in the post from our lab. The kit comes complete with swab, test tube and return packaging.

During the order-process you also fill in a short questionnaire that includes questions about your lifestyle, your height and weight, and your fitness goals. Once our analysis of your profile is complete, your 17-19 page tailored guidance report will be sent to you. The report will go in to detail about how you adjust your life-style to best tackle your personal fitness goals.

For more information on our products and how they can help you, please see our FAQ page.